Adding a Facebook Feed Content of a Page in WordPress

Adding a facebook feed of a or a page is very easy, the idea here is simply getting the RSS feed of the profile you wish to have.

I’ll show you the simple steps on how to do this.

  • Logged in on your facebook page.
  • Searched for the page you wish to get the feed.
  • On the lower left hand side of the page, you can see this one


  • Right Click “Get Updates via RSS” then copy that link.
  • Now login to your wordpress wp-admin
  • Go to Appearance->Widget
  • Make sure that you have the RSS Widget

  • Drag that to the sidebar then paste the link that you copied below the word “Enter the RSS feed URL here:”

  • Hit save! Then you are golden!

I was really looking for a plugin that can do this one, but unfortunately, I didn’t see anything. The result of this one is not as pretty as like the one in Twitter. If ever you find a plugin similar to this one, just leave a comment below and your help would be greatly appreciated! :)

Hope this helps someone, Have a Happy Coding! :)

How to add an image in a menu in wordpress

I was working on a project that needs an image in a menu. First, I was thinking to modify the theme but it felt like it’s kinda silly to do that. I had this feeling that wordpress can support that functionality without being so geekish.

Guess What! I’m right! So now, i’ll show you how to add an image in a menu in wordpress.

  • Go to Appearance->Menus
  • Add a Custom Link
  • ¬†Enter the url of the image when it is clicked. I only put “#” since I only wanted to show the image no redirection happening or whatsoever.
  • Here’s the interesting part. Did you know that you can put HTML tags in the Label, Yes! you read it right! You can put HTML tags in the label. ¬†That is where you can put something like this <div><img src=”myImageSrc” /></div>. You can even put the inline CSS in there. So it looks like this:
  • Then hit “Add to Menu” ! Now you are golden! Refresh your page and see the beauty of your menu!


So that’s how easy to add an image in a menu in wordpress!

Have a happy coding! Cheers! :)